A Brand New Dashboard!

Hi! I’m Alexa, Tone’s product designer! As many of you have noticed, we rebranded earlier this year. We said goodbye to SaveMySales and the pink (I refer to it as ‘purnk’ — a nice mix of purple and pink) and hello to Tone. In terms of what our clients and potential clients would see, the rebrand meant changing up our website and our ads, but did you guys know we also made some changes in our app? 

There’s a whole new dashboard! 🎉

In this blog post, I’m going to quickly take you through our design process and give you a highlight tour of all the cool new features that I hope you will be happy to use.

The Problem

Let me give you a throwback pic to what our dashboard used to look like:

It was okay, did the job alright. But, there was so much more that I think a lot of clients expected to be able to do with this monitoring dashboard. So, we figured the best way to gather some useful information was to ask our users. 

After a few rounds of surveys and feedback calls (big shoutout to everyone who hopped on the phone with me and offered some great input!), I learned that there were two key things that users wanted to be able to do with our app:

  1. See more (reliable) metrics
  2. Understand what they should do based on those metrics 

Both very valid things one would want from a monitoring dashboard! People wanted to know what was going on with their conversations: were they converting? Were people engaging? Etc. and then after that, they wanted to know what their next actions should be. Should they change up their checkout recovery message? Should they open up a LiveText number? 

(A bunch of users were also pretty adamant about removing the purnk. I guess that was valid, too.)

Our customers had lots of questions that our old dashboard wasn’t doing a great job of answering. We realized we had so much information to share, so many tools in our app that were untouched by users. Basically, a lot of these answers already existed in our app, just hidden in a messy heap and hard to find. So, we wanted to change that.

But, before we move on: remember that thing I mentioned about rebranding? Yeah, that was happening AT THE SAME TIME as the dashboard revamp. That meant we had some big picture type things we also wanted to address as a company, and we had to figure out how to reflect these things in our new dashboard. 

One of the things that we strongly believe in at Tone is the importance of human connection. Real people talking to real people. Truly all of our success and pride comes from the team of superhumans behind the text messages. So, as a company, we wanted to make sure that that value was loud and clear. We wanted our monitoring dashboard to give users the information to help them make awesome business decisions, but we also wanted to make sure they realized that this was very much a team effort with real people pushing everything forward. 

With all these important factors in mind, we came up with a list of goals for our new dashboard.

The Goals

  1. Give (Better) Information
    The people wanted more numbers, so we were going to give them more numbers.

  2. Create Usage
    We wanted to encourage users to explore the app more. There were so many features we built out that never quite seemed to make it to our users’ attention.

  3. Highlight Humans
    We wanted to create that really great feeling of teamwork and shared wins. We wanted end customers to feel connected to brands and the brands to feel connected to their superhuman team. A big web of interconnectedness!

The Revamp



After months of lots of hard work from all our teams, we finally have a new dash! 

Let’s take a tour of some of the new features.


We have alerts! We have tips! We have updates! Notifications are here, and they are ready to help you stay up to date with what the heck is going on in your app and with your conversations. Each notification has an actionable link to help you do what you need to do in the Tone app.

Pro tip: Use the Clear All button in the top right if you don’t want to dismiss them individually.

Total Sales Chart

You wanted graphs, so we got you a big, blue graph! The new total sales chart breaks down your Tone-attributed sales by our various products. Know exactly how each of your Tone products is performing overall and compared to the rest. 

Pro tip: Hover over each bar to see the complete breakdown.

Metric Scoreboard

No more wall of numbers; we pulled the most important metrics you wanted to see and put them in this handy card. And now, we’ve got comparisons! See how your brand is performing compared to the previous time period. 

Pro tip: If you’re on your free trial, your ROI may change when you switch over to a paid plan.

Product Snapshots

Let’s get granular! Check out how each of your Tone products is performing in the Product Snapshots section. Quickly see sales, engagements, and opt outs from each channel right on your new home screen. 

Pro tip: Access the campaign creator immediately with the Create New button on the campaigns card.

Superhuman Updates

This is my favorite part of the new dashboard. Meet your team! These are the real people behind your conversations. Check out how fast they respond and how much time and money it is saving your brand. On the right, find out who your top superhuman is. And, as a fun interaction, send them a quick thanks with the Send a Thanks button!

Pro tip: When you click the Send a Thanks button, you aren’t able to add a message, but our superhuman team member receives a personalized notification that your brand appreciates them. It has been a huge morale booster!


This is the new and improved conversations card! No more checking through a huge list of random conversations. We pulled the ones that matter most to YOU (aka the ones with the most engagement) and have them loaded up and ready for review. Click on them to see them immediately in our preview box on the right, and leave feedback on any of the messages right away. Want to read the rest of your conversations? Click the All tab to see all your conversations ordered by most recent.

Pro tip: We love feedback! As you leave feedback on conversations, they will disappear from the review list. Change the date to review some more. The more feedback you leave, the better our tone will be!


Finally, we have our sleek new footer! Support links at the bottom of every page in case you have questions. 

Pro tip: Take advantage of our referral program! It’s the heart icon at the end. Earn $100 for every pal that confirms a demo with us.

That’s it! I hope you are as excited about this new dashboard as I am. 

Let’s keep moving forward! 🎉

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