Announcing Flows: Delivering Experiential Messaging

Announcing Flows: Delivering Experiential Messaging

We understand how important the customer experience is. Oftentimes a merchant’s ability to provide exceptional support is what sets them apart from competitors. With this in mind, we’ve spent the last several months building a flows product that enables merchants to turn automated SMS messages into experiential conversations.

It was really important for us to build a product that wasn’t just a checkbox on a feature list. Making sure we opened up opportunities for our brands to engage with their customers on a personal level was high priority. Combining flows with our Tone replies creates more opportunities for conversions, increases retention, and provides support throughout the entire funnel.

We are excited to share with you the unparalleled experience of Tone Flows and show you our favorite use cases to take your customers through a journey. While the triggers are automated, the conversations that happen after are organic and limitless.

Get ready for flows like you’ve never experienced before!

What is a flow and should you use them?

Automated SMS flows are a powerful way to engage with your customers at key points in the journey with personalized, relevant, and experiential messaging. Flows are started through triggers, which are specific actions taken by a customer.

Flows can have various objectives from converting browsers into buyers, delivering a memorable post-purchase experience, to re-engaging lapsed customers.

The ultimate goal of a flow is to move a customer from one part of the life cycle to the next.

Some examples of flows include

Tone flows

• Welcome series (send offers, content, reviews, etc..)
• Post Purchase (send content, offers, surveys, etc…)
• Transactional (send order updates)
• Winback (re-engage lapsed customers)
• Abandonment (follow-up with customers who abandoned checkout)
• Replenishment reminders (send reminders to repurchase consumables)

You may already be running some of these flows through your existing Email or SMS provider – so what makes Tone Flows so special?

Our secret sauce: Tone Replies

Flows + Tone Replies allow you to deliver experiential messaging to your customers by turning automated messages into organic conversations that drive revenue and build brand loyalty. What can be perceived as stiff and rigid communication becomes highly personalized conversations between your brand and customers.

Our Tone replies enable us to do two distinctly powerful things for your brand through flows
Provide lightning fast customer support pre and post purchase. All replies are handled in 3 minutes or less.
Engage in upsell and cross sell opportunities to create new revenue for your business.

So what can you do with Tone Flows Right Now?

Today we are rolling out 10 triggers and over the course of the next few weeks, we will be adding additional triggers for pre and post-purchase.

Each of these flows can easily be turned into multi-step flows with timing and exclusion intervals to give you even more personalization opportunities.

Transactional Shopify Triggers Added

Tone flows triggers


  • Order confirmed: Start the pre-arrival experience off right. Thank the customer for their purchase by automatically notifying customers using SMS when an order is initially confirmed. 
  • Order shipped: Provide transparency and prevent the “where is my order” tickets before they happen. Increase customer delight with proactive, branded shipping notifications.
  • Order delivered: Automatic SMS notifications sent to customers when their fulfilled order is updated as delivered. 
  • Order refund: Deliver peace of mind during the return process and automatically notify your customers when their order has been refunded and for the exact amount. 
  • Order Cancelled: Notify the customer the moment their order has been canceled. 

ReCharge Integration Triggers 

  • Subscription Activated: Automatic SMS notification sent to customers when their subscription is started
  • Subscription Cancelled: Automatic SMS notification sent to customers when their subscription is canceled
  • Failed Charge: Automatic SMS notification sent to customers when their payment is failed. 
  • Upcoming Payment: Automatic notification sent to customers when their next subscription is set to send.

The use cases for these triggers are limitless, but here are a few of our favorite use cases to get you started.

  • Order Assurance: Send up to the minute shipping updates to create a transparent pre-arrival experience.
  • Tone Tutorials: Set up multi-step flows that create memorable post-purchase experiences. Deliver educational content and product tutorials to add extra value to your SMS channel.
  • Customer Loyalty Play: Send post-purchase surveys, promote a loyalty program, and ask for product reviews.
  • Replenishment Time: Set up replenishment reminders to keep your customers stocked up on all of their favorite products 
  • Customer Care: Proactively check in with your customers to ensure a positive shopping experience
  • Customer Winback: Set up churn prevention campaigns to re-engage and win back shoppers.
  • Post Purchase Bounceback Offer: Send an upsell offer to a customer after their purchase with a complimentary product or quantity break.
  • Subscription Cancellation Intervention: Intervene to save canceled orders or ReCharge subscriptions
  • Subscription Upsell: Upsell ReCharge subscribers on their next shipments 

We’re excited for you to implement flows into your conversational strategy. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks as we roll out even more features! 

Are you a current Tone customer? Get started with Tone Flows.

Interested in learning more? Request a Demo

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