10 Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales and Boost Conversions in 2021

The Shopify app store is an incredible resource for e-commerce marketers. Shopify has over 4,200 apps for you to choose from, all of which integrate relatively easily with how you sell on your store.

What’s the problem? There’s so much choice, that it makes it difficult for you to separate the valuable tools from the rest of the pack.

Let’s be real. You’re busy. If an app is not improving your sales at some level, it’s just wasting your time. ⌛

To help you cut through the noise, we put together a list of the top 10 Shopify apps (or tools that work nicely with Shopify) that will send your e-commerce conversions soaring in 2021.

For this analysis, we looked for a mix of different apps that can plug into your entire customer journey:

  • Get more targeted traffic to your website
  • Improve conversion with better landing pages
  • Better understand which channels are driving sales
  • Save more sales by unleashing a team of real humans who text your abandoned carts
  • Turn one-time shoppers into lifetime loyal customers

This is a long and detailed post, so we’ve pulled together a table contents to make it easier to skim.
Now, let’s get into it.

What is The Average Shopify Conversion Rate?

The average Shopify conversion rate is about 1.6% according to a survey of 1,990 Shopify stores. So, if your store falls below that, it’s particularly important to leverage these apps.

However, if you want to count yourself among the top 10% of the highest converting Shopify stores, you’ll have to beat a 5.1% conversion rate. The top 20% of the highest converting Shopify stores was about 3.6%.

If you’re up for the challenge, here are some apps that will launch your store into the top percentile and maybe even earn you a nice bonus check. 💵

1. Klickly: In-Ad Purchase Option

Remember back in the day when you had to click through lots of pages and manually fill out every form field just to purchase an item?

When Amazon came out with its one-click checkout process, it proved that e-commerce stores can dramatically improve customer experience by reducing the number of clicks shoppers have to make when purchasing a product.

As you already know, improving customer experience + shortening buying cycle = 💰💰💰

Klickly allows you to take this one step further by allowing customers to purchase the product inside your marketing message.

For example, you might have an email campaign with various products. Rather than giving customers a link to your website to purchase the product, Klickly will allow them to purchase the product with one click inside the email.

This improves the customer experience and helps increase Shopify sales, making it a win-win solution.

Plus: Klickly has an equally easy setup process with one-click integrations to your online store.

Klickly’s Commerce Modules™ are already popular among top brands, including Vogue, Instyle, ESPN, and more.

Key Benefits:

  • One-click purchase enhances the customer experience as consumers don’t have to open a new link or follow directions

  • One-click purchases increase impulse purchases, which effortlessly increases your revenue

  • Easy one-click integration and setup process


The best part about Klickly is that they only make money when you make money. They operate on a commission pricing model and there is no startup fee.

2. Klaviyo: Personalized Email Automation

Email is still alive and well!

In fact, it accounts for approximately 19.8% of all e-commerce transactions.

To make email work though, you need to be relevant and personalized.

Otherwise, your brand’s email will feel like the mailman accidentally putting your neighbor’s mail in your mailbox.

Klaviyo is the best-in-class email solution for e-commerce marketers. Their secret is easy integration, which pulls detailed customer data to enable personalization at scale and precise customer segmentation.

Along with standard email marketing campaigns, you can also set up cart recovery emails and remarketing campaigns to target people that have already shown interest. 🙌

For example, Heist, a London-based lingerie brand, saw a 50% increase in repeat purchases due to email personalization. In addition, the second purchase tended to have an 11% higher AOV, suggesting that the customer experience with the brand was excellent.

Key Benefits:

  • Precise segmentation enables personalization at scale, which improves customer engagement and increases conversions

  • Improves brand image and customer relationships by only sending relevant content

  • Seamless one-click integrations make it easy to get started


Pricing is based on your email list size and is free for the first 250 contacts.

3. Enquire: Post-Purchase Attribution Survey

You’ve probably heard that the best place to invest your marketing dollars is in channels that are already working.

But how do you know which channels drive conversions?

While Google Analytics can track some conversions, it’s difficult to track others that still may be working..such as PR, Podcasts, or other offline marketing. 😞

Enquire allows you to create a post-purchase survey asking customers questions like “How did you hear about us?”

As founder Matt Bahr says, “Our questions fuel the conversations brands need to optimize their site experiences. By simply asking ‘how was your shopping experience’ brands expose themselves to a whole array of optimization opportunities.”

Enquire surveys are beautiful and seamlessly integrate with your Shopify checkout process to drive response rates of up to 60%.

Plus they have digestible analytics that allow you to analyze what’s driving revenue and what’s not.

This will allow you to not only invest more heavily in channels that work, but you’ll also save thousands of dollars on channels that aren’t working.

Key Benefits:

  • Understand which channels work and which ones don’t to better allocate marketing spend

  • Analytics are presented in an easy-to-read format for the marketing team to understand key data at a glance

  • Seamless integration makes it easy to set up


Enquire offers a 14-day free trial and prices start at $30 per month.

4. Skubana: Distribution Order Management Software

Expanding into new platforms is both exciting and complex. You need to weigh the potential benefits against the resources and time it will take to conquer that new channel.

For example, suppose you currently have a Shopify store but would also like to sell products on Amazon. In that case, you need to have a reliable distributed order management platform to ensure that you can track inventory, fulfillment, and more in a single location.

This is where Skubana comes in.

It helps e-commerce businesses boost margins, increase their bottom line and improve organizational efficiency as the platform offers detailed data on every individual SKU and operation and can pull data itself to automate tedious processes

Boldify is a perfect example of how Skubana can help improve a company’s bottom line as it managed to double its growth by adding new channels thanks to Skubana. However, Boldify’s founder Mike Viskovich says the real benefit came from the advanced customer support team.

“Once I can see some data in there, and I can see it’s going to work, then it’s really the quality of the support team. It’s whether they actually understand our questions.”

He was delighted with the customer support team and said that while other platforms were unable to comprehend what he was doing, the Skubana team knew exactly how to help.

Key Benefits:

  • Improves internal operation efficiency by integrating products, fulfillment centers, and sales channels into one platform

  • Due to the integration, Skubana provides more accurate information on inventory and fulfillment, which in turn elevates the customer experience

  • Outstanding customer support to ensure a smooth transition


Request a demo.

5. Tone: Human-Driven, Two-Way SMS

We’re biased…but we believe Tone is the best Shopify app for driving revenue through two-way human SMS messaging at scale.

You can use Tone to drive revenue via abandoned carts, campaigns, and with a live text number on your website.

Here’s an Abandoned Cart example:

Let’s say you’re shopping on Peak Design’s website, and you’re interested in buying a tripod. You’re not sure it will fit into your bag, so you abandon your cart and head elsewhere.

Through Tone, you would receive a text message asking if you had any questions about the tripod. You could respond, and you would receive an A+ response from a real human in less than 5 minutes.

The data shows that fast responses from real people leads to more revenue for your Shopify Store. 📈

That’s why at Tone, we help companies unlock up to 24% more revenue by adding a team of real humans that text back-and-forth with your customers.

Key Benefits:

  • Two way SMS cart recovery campaigns can help your team figure out why customers aren’t converting and improve current and future conversion rates

  • Customers can reach you by their preferred communication method (SMS) and have a touchpoint with a real human improving their experience with your brand

  • Your business can invest fewer resources in customer support and focus on growth


That’s us 😉, and we’re offering a 14-day free trial. Schedule a demo today!

6. CountdownMail: Email Sales Timer

Urgency is still king 👑

Therefore, another smart way to boost conversions is to incorporate countdown timers within your marketing emails themselves. For example, the e-commerce jewelry store, The Diamond Store, increased their email conversion rate by 400% simply by adding an email sales timer.

CountdownMail is an easy way to insert beautiful timers into your emails.

Key Benefits:

  • Increase email marketing conversions by leveraging urgency

  • Easy to use interface

  • Copy and paste email insertion


A free plan with limited customization options is available.

7. Shopify Countdown Sales Timer: Website Sales Timer

Once you’ve driven customers to your website from email (or those landing on your site for the first time), reinforce urgency with another timer on your website.

One of the most effective ways to increase Shopify sales is with some case studies. Showing countdown timers on your home page can increase sales by 300%. 🤯

The Shopify Countdown Sales Timer is one of the best Shopify apps to increase conversions as it’s easy to use, has extensive customization options, and provides a fabulous visitor experience.

Unlike some countdown timers and pop-ups that slow down your website and create a poor user experience, this one is noticeable yet unobtrusive.

Key Benefits:

  • Countdown timers increase conversion rates with urgency

  • It’s easy to customize and install for non-technical people

  • The extensive customization options enable you to create a timer that matches your branding

  • The final result is effective and doesn’t detract from the user experience


A free plan is available for a single timer and six different themes.

8. Referral and Rewards Program

You’ve probably already heard that it’s five times more expensive to acquire a new customer than retain a current customer.

One of the best ways to increase referrals is through a loyalty program. In fact, a study by HubSpot showed that 70% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand with a quality loyalty program.

That’s why we recommend Smile, one of the very best Shopify referral apps (in our opinion).😉

Tim Peckover, the Sr. Manager of Marketing and Community at Smile says, “Not only are loyal customers more likely to come back and make another purchase, but the data shows that they spend more, and more often – no matter how big or small your business is.”

Smile is a perfect solution as it allows you to build a loyal customer base and community simply with their easy-to-use software. Their three main features are:

  • Point Tracking

  • VIP Programs

  • Referral Programs

In addition to rewarding for purchases, you can also reward customers for other actions like social shares.

With case studies like Evy’s Tree, which saw a 58% increase in repeat customers, you can see how Smile has helped companies increase customer retention and delight.

On average, they have a 65% point redemption rate, can save you about $1,032 per month on ad spend, and you’ll see an 83x ROI.

Above all, they help you turn your customers into a loyal community that feels connected to your brand and values.

Key Benefits:

– Increase revenue and decrease marketing spend by improving customer retention

– Delight customers with rewards and other perks to make them love your brand

– Easy setup and outstanding support to ensure you make the most of their product


A free account is available with a starter plan at $49 per month.

9. Shogun: Landing Page Builder

Nailing your landing page is perhaps one of the most essential elements to increase Shopify sales, though building one often requires extensive development and can be very expensive.

That’s why Shogun exists. It’s a drag and drop landing page builder that enables non-technical people to easily create a stunning landing page. In addition, it’s easy to run A/B tests to further lift conversions and provide personalized experiences based on the visitor’s actions.

As Jennifer Pepper, Shogun’s Director of Content Marketing says,

“E-commerce managers love not just how fast they can drag and drop together stunning pages to augment existing Shopify stores—but also the sales they can drive! Leesa Mattresses saw a 30% increase in conversions, and Beardbrand upped conversions by 40.1% by customizing a long-form bundle page to better match in-store experience.”

Gabriella Gomez, the Global Marketing Director of K-SWISS says, “Since embracing Shogun we’ve seen a 10% increase in conversion and 90% efficiency increase in our design team, which has saved us $100,000/year in dev costs alone.”

Key Benefits:

  • Non-technical people can now build a landing page with drag and drop features

  • Companies save thousands of dollars on landing page development costs

  • Enables easy A/B testing to further optimize landing pages for conversions and improved personalization.

  • Improves the customer experience by providing an easy to use design


A 10-day free trial is available and then it starts at $39 per month.

10. Gorgias: Customer Service Help Desk

“We love hanging out on customer support lines all day!” – Nobody Ever

If your e-commerce site doesn’t have an incredible user experience, you won’t stand a chance against Amazon. In fact, Amazon is perhaps the best proof that customer service is the key to success.

Use a tool like Gorgias to turn your customer service into a profit center. They are an e-commerce help desk that makes customer support easy, automatic, and effective.

For example, if a customer has a question, they can immediately connect with a Gorgias customer representative through their preferred communication form, including text, call, Messenger, or email. In fact, agents can even respond to comments on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and more.

When interacting with a customer, agents have full access to customer history, including order purchases, item delivery, and total spend with your brand to provide a more delightful and personalized customer experience.

You can also automate about 40% of repetitive support tasks, such as auto-reply for order statuses, return requests, warranty requests, and more.

Just a few of their results include a 68% reduction in ticket resolution time for Marine Layer, about 78% quicker first responses for Nomad, and roughly 41% one-touch tickets for Birddogs.

Key Benefits:

  • Dramatically reduces repetitive tasks and makes customer support more efficient

  • Gorgias customer service reps give you faster response times

  • Enables customer service reps to respond to relevant social comments to convert them into customers

  • Delights customers as agents ask fewer questions with a 360-degree view of customer history


They offer a free trial and then plans start at $60 per month.

Final Thoughts

If your goal is to boost Shopify sales in 2021, these e-commerce apps are sure to help you succeed. Your team will also thank you for improving operational efficiency and reducing busy tasks.

Though perhaps more importantly, these apps will delight your customers with a new level of personalization that will enable you to compete with Amazon and other leading e-commerce brands in your industry. 💪

Looking for a super-human powered SMS tool to send your conversions soaring? 

Schedule a demo today:

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