SaveMySales Is Now Tone. Here’s Why…


This rebrand isn’t a story of a new name, new colors, fonts, or fancy brand guidelines document. Instead, this change is a recommitment to the truths we’ve discovered while texting with millions of people over the past 2 years.

At Tone, we believe that we live in an always-on texting culture.

Every interaction is instantaneous, real, and human. That’s what we all expect.

As a result, people want to talk with businesses the same way they talk with their friends.

We see it thousands of times per day, from the rascally teenager that sends us a meme while he’s shopping for jeans, to the woman who reveals in confidence that she’s battling cancer and needs help ordering multivitamins. It’s these instant, personal connections we make with customers that unlock the real value of SMS marketing and customer engagement


We’ll get deeper into this later. 

For now, let’s go back to the beginning and talk about how we ended up with a name like SaveMySales…

It all started with selling bikes.

In 2017, Vlad (my co-founder)Kyle (our VP of Ops), and I were running our own DTC brand called Fortified Bicycle, selling tough city bikes for urban commuters. Back then we made  our lives harder in order to create a unique customer experience: we had a promise that if bikes were ever stolen, we’d ship out a new one within 24-hours. Boston MagazineOutside Magazine, and CNBC all covered it.

We knew that buying a bike was a big deal. Bikes are expensive and you use them almost every single day. We quickly learned that it’s incredibly unrealistic to expect to run a bunch of Facebook ads and convert that traffic into new bike customers. There are too many questions and too many objections that cause people to fall out of the funnel.

So, to sell more bikes, we tried running email campaigns, testing live chat, and optimizing the messaging on our website. With these strategies, we made some marginal improvements. 

But you know what worked best? 

Texting with the people who were interested in our bikes.

We more than doubled the conversion rate on our website by simply giving customers the option to text with a real human. It seemed so obvious. Most of our traffic was mobile, and people were in too much of a rush to spend time on our FAQs page or stay on the site for live chat. Texting allowed us to connect with customers in the way that worked best for THEM.

The Origin of SaveMySales

When we showed our friends in e-commerce what we’d done with SMS at Fortified, the response was “We want to do this, but texting back and forth with customers looks like a lot of work, and our CS team is already overwhelmed. Can you do it for us?” Realizing we had a new business at that moment (and immune to how crazy of an idea it was), we had to come up with a name to put on our first invoice. “What’s a punny name using SMS as an acronym?” Thus, a somewhat ridiculous company name was born.

In the beginning, the name ‘SaveMySales’ served us well, because it accurately described our superpower. We had a small team of expert live agents who were really good at closing sales and answering common questions, like:

  • When can I get this delivered?

  • How do I know this product will work?

  • How exactly does the product work?

  • Is this the best price I can get?

By answering questions via SMS quickly and in the right tone, we were able to translate the success we’d had at Fortified to these early clients. 

This reinforced our belief that consumers wanted to communicate with brands in a real, agile, and fast way. 

From scrappy texting service to bonafide e-commerce app.

Two years later, we’re now running 2-way, conversational SMS marketing for thousands of online businesses. We still use a small team of live agents (Superhumans) to ensure authenticity and human connection, but we’ve since added AI to help us respond fast. 

Most of our clients are e-commerce stores, but we’re helping real estate, tech, and service businesses, too.

Yes, we save sales for these businesses, especially with our SMS abandoned checkout service. But we also help them do a lot more than that, and we’re just getting started.  

Tone goes a lot deeper than abandoned checkouts.

1. We help brands increase average order sizes by 15%

Tone has helped brands like Embr Labs increase AOV by answering questions and offering discounts on upsells.

2. We help brands increase LTV by as much as 26% with conversational SMS campaigns that build a strong connection over time. 

Tone has helped brands like Apolis quickly grow a list of SMS subscribers that they can build trust and loyalty with over time. This translates into higher LTV. People buy more from brands that are friendlier to them. Tone helps your brand become approachable and human.

“Tone empowers us to build relationships with engaged subscribers over time, which translates to a better customer experience and higher LTV.”


3. Yes, we also still help brands double abandoned checkout recovery rates.

For brands like Summerboard, we pick up all the folks who abandoned an order because they had a question. It just so happens that’s a large percentage of people.

“Tone has increased our website conversion rate by texting prospects who abandon carts on our site because they have more questions. This sounded too good to be true, but they totally delivered!”


After crossing 1,000 brands—from mom and pop shops to multi-billion dollar companies—we realized there’s a common thread to the feedback that we’ve been hearing from our clients. This led us to decide that Tone was the only word that could describe our company now and for the future.

The Meaning of Tone in 2020

In our product feedback sessions with our brands, we asked a simple question:

“Who are we to you?”

And you know what we kept hearing back?

“You’re the voice of my brand.”

“I only want YOU guys talking to my customers.”

“I trust your team to nail the right tone.”

In marketing these days, there’s so much talk about scalable experimentation, conversion rates, A/B testing, etc…

All of these things matter, but too often what gets lost is the HUMAN aspect of marketing.

Together with our amazing brand partners over the last 2 years, we’ve proved out this simple three-step framework:

  1. Talk to customers like a human

  2. Do it in the medium they use most frequently

  3. Drive more revenue over time

Tone is the easiest way to do these three things at scale.

So why are we committed to doing this right now, amidst the COVID-19 crisis, an unprecedented time in business (and human) history? Because in this time of economic uncertainty customers are seeking more personal connection than ever. We’ve seen a 2x increase in message volume over the last 30 days:

Crises like this bring us together, and we are honored to foster real, human connection during a trying time. Thank you to our clients, partners, investors, friends and families who’ve dedicated so much time and energy to making this great company a reality. And, as always, if you need anything, text me.

Want to join us on the Tone journey?

Learn more here.

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