Announcing Tone + Klaviyo

Now Available: The Tone + Klaviyo Integration

At Tone, our goal is to empower you to deliver the FASTEST and most HUMAN shopping experience for your customers. We saw how important this was during BFCM last year, as more people than ever were shopping online.

To stand out among all the e-commerce stores, brands need to be faster and more human than the competition. Consumers are bombarded with offers. So if you don’t deliver a personal touch, and do it quickly, that website visitor is going to bounce to another offer.

We know that simplicity enables speed and personalization. That’s why we’re so excited to officially announce the launch of our Tone + Klaviyo integration. 

This new integration will allow you to more easily leverage your Klaviyo data to deliver a faster and more personalized SMS experience with Tone. Or vice versa. 

You can now do things like:

  • Sync all opt-in and opt-out events from Tone into Klaviyo customer profiles 
  • View SMS messages sent and received, links clicked, order attributes, and other Tone events in the Klaviyo dashboard 
  • Use Tone events to build segments in Klaviyo’s segment builder
  • Seamlessly sync all your Klaviyo lists & segments into Tone for use in SMS campaigns

We’ll get more into the details later in the post. But if you’re so excited to try this new integration that you can’t wait... you can get started here.

What is Klaviyo?

If you work in e-commerce, you’ve probably heard of Klaviyo. It’s a leading email marketing platform that thousands of online stores use to engage with their customers and sell more products. 

Klaviyo was built specifically for e-commerce, which means it comes with lots of features out-of-the-box that makes it easy to tailor your email marketing to online shoppers. 

There are two core ways that e-commerce stores can use Klaviyo to drive sales via email marketing:

1. Flows

Flows are automated email sends that trigger based on data. Some examples of common flows that you would build in Klaviyo are:

Abandoned Cart Email Flow

Automatically send a series of emails to anyone who abandons their cart, with the goal of bringing them back to purchase. 

Welcome Flow

Automatically send a series of introductory emails to anyone who just joined your email newsletter. The goal is to engage the customer and convert them with a small expiring discount.

Browse Abandonment Flow

Automatically send an email to an existing subscriber who hits a high-intent page, like your product page. The goal is to get a sales-y message in front of them after they just visited your website.

2. Campaigns

Campaigns are manual email sends targeted at specific segments. For spring holidays, you’re probably planning a series of email campaigns to highlight your offers. Campaigns rely on Klaviyo’s segments to help you get your products in front of the right people. We even wrote a post about segmenting your BFCM campaigns (for both SMS and email) last year that focused in on the importance of optimization. 

Our new integration with Klaviyo makes it a lot easier to leverage the data from your flows and campaigns to inform your SMS campaign strategy with Tone.

Getting Started With The Tone + Klaviyo Integration

All you need to get started is your Klaviyo API key. Copy and paste it into the integration page in the Tone app, and your integration will be ready to go! 

For a full step-by-step walkthrough, visit our integration set up doc here

Using The Integration

Klaviyo Lists & Segments

Upon activation, the Klaviyo integration page in the Tone app will display a table with all of your current Klaviyo lists and segments. Toggle any of these on/off to sync/unsync them into the Tone app. 

Once synced, you can find these lists/segments on the Campaigns builder page under the recipients list. All Klaviyo lists/segments will be marked [Klaviyo].

Tone Events

After activation, Tone and Klaviyo will sync customer data, allowing all Tone events including:

  • Received messages

  • Sent messages

  • Message Links Clicked

  • Opt-ins/Opt-outs

These are available to view directly in the Klaviyo app under individual customer profiles.

Segment Builder 

Once Tone events are actively showing up in your Klaviyo app, you can begin to build segments using them as properties of customers.

Take advantage of Klaviyo’s powerful segmentation tools to build the perfect SMS segment. Then, sync the new segment back into Tone and send campaigns that optimally pull customer information across the platforms.

Putting Tone and Klaviyo Together

To help you understand how data flows across Klaviyo into Tone, we put together the below visual. In short, Klaviyo will remain your hub for creating segments. The new integration just makes it a lot simpler and faster to leverage your Klaviyo segments within Tone.

What You Can Do Now

You’re probably already in the process of scheduling your spring holiday campaigns (Easter or Mother’s Day anyone?). If you’re using Klaviyo, this new integration is going to make your life a whole lot easier.

Here are 3 Tone SMS campaign ideas that leverage our new Klaviyo integration.

1. Send an SMS campaign to your Klaviyo VIP list 

Know those VIP’s on your email list with a high order frequency or high order value? Create an SMS campaign in Tone that targets these people with an extra special offer for Easter. These types of SMS campaigns typically see insanely high conversion rates.

2. Send an SMS campaign to recent email engagers

Likewise, your focus for Mother’s Day should be on subscribers who are likely to convert. You probably have a Klaviyo segment of subscribers who’ve opened or clicked on an email in the last 30 days. Target your next SMS campaign at this group, and watch your sales climb.

3. Segment SMS campaigns based on product categories and past order data

If you sell many different types of products, you should be sending different types of SMS campaigns based on your customers’ purchase history.

Take a look at these ideas:

Product Size: Segment out your list by customers who’ve ordered a size small, medium, large, etc. If you have a lot of inventory of one size, you can target those who have ordered that size in the past.

Repeat Purchases: Take a look at customers who have bought the same thing over and over again. If you have a new, similar product, you can target people who have shown you they will be interested first. For example, if you have a segment of customers that always buys t-shirts, send them an SMS campaign with a holiday offer for your latest t-shirt collection.

Thanks for reading to the end, and we’re excited to see what you do with this new integration. 

What are you waiting for? Get started with Tone + Klaviyo now.

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