Maximize Customer Retention with These 7 SMS Flows

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Maximize Customer Retention with These 7 SMS Flows 💬

A few weeks ago, we announced the release of Tone Flows, designed to deliver experiential messaging at scale for brands. As we rolled this out to our existing customers, we have been seeing some truly amazing results so far.

Today we’d like to walk you through just a few of the creative use cases our clients are leveraging to deliver memorable journeys.

But first, let’s recap what makes Tone Flows so powerful…

Tone Flows combine triggered automated messages with Tone replies to create organic conversations at key moments in the customer journey.

Gone are the days of rigid and stiff automations.

Flows + Tone replies will create more opportunities for conversions, increased retention, and provide support throughout the entire funnel.

Using Triggers within a Tone Flow

There are endless possibilities for delivering experiential messaging to your customers with our flow triggers. Rather than just sending a one-time marketing campaign, flows help turn your subscribers into loyal repeat shoppers by sending timely, relevant, and intent-based messages such as order updates and product education content. 

Returning customers are a highly engaged and important audience, and generate 25% more revenue per online visit. By adding flows to your SMS strategy that set up a positive pre and post-purchase experience, you can nurture your most profitable customers along, driving more revenue and retention for your brand. 

Each trigger enables you to kick off the conversation from a specific point in your buyer’s journey.  You can start a flow from any of the triggers Tone offers, but here are a few of our favorite ideas. 

Triggers for Tone Flows

Post-Purchase Flows

Post-purchase flows can often be overlooked as opportunities to further engage with your customer and build trust. Build upon these routine interaction points and bring your customer down a memorable journey with your brand. 

Post purchase flow example

Trigger: Order confirmed

This is a key moment to invite the customer into your brand’s community. Make them feel special and thank them for their purchase! Set the expectation from day 1 that you value their business.

Here is an example flow 👇

Day 0 – Thank them for their purchase and let them know what they can expect next. Link them to an educational piece of content or invite them to join you on social media. You can also make a bounceback offer here by offering them a discount on a second purchase or cross sell a complementary product

Day 14 – Check in with the customer and ask them how they’re enjoying their purchase. By leveraging Tone, you can start lightning fast two way conversations that can lead to cross sell opportunities.

Day 40 – If you sell a consumable product, send a replenishment reminder if they have not made a 2nd purchase. If you don’t, you can alternatively send your customer a cross sell of a complimentary product.

Trigger: Order Shipped

Transparency in fulfillment is a core pillar of any excellent post-purchase experience. Stand out from the crowd by letting your customer know the moment their product leaves the warehouse. This will also build pre-arrival hype.

Here is an example flow 👇

Day 0 (immediately after the order ships) – Let the customer know their order has shipped and invite them to check out an educational piece of content. You can also take this chance to let them know that they can text you with any questions related to their order.

Trigger: Order Delivered

Begin a multi-step post purchase flow from this trigger. You can link them to helpful resources for product education, promote your app or blog, survey them on their shopping experience, or cross-sell them on complimentary products.

Here is an example flow 👇

Day 0 (once the order is delivered) – Let the customer know their item has been delivered and link them to a helpful product training or resource

Day 7 – Invite the customer to leave a product review or take a post-purchase survey

Day 30 (if they have not made a purchase since) – send them a cross-sell of a complementary product or a replenishment reminder if you sell a consumable product

Day 60 (if they have not made a purchase) – send them a winback message inviting them to browse the new products in your store or sweeten the deal with an exclusive offer 

Trigger: Order cancelled

Giving your customer total peace of mind that their order has been cancelled is an extra-mile step that you should consider adding to your SMS strategy. It is also a potential opportunity to invite feedback on their cancellation decision and to even try and sell them on another product that may fit their needs.

Here is an example flow 👇

Day 0 (immediately after the order has been cancelled) – Notify the customer that their order has been cancelled. Let them know of any relevant refund information and what they can expect next. Level this message up by asking for feedback or inviting them to check out other products that might fit their needs. You can also leverage Tone replies to see if they need any additional help or recommendations.  

Subscription Flows

Nearly 40% of consumers cancel a subscription product or service. The work doesn’t stop once you gain a subscription customer. It is crucial to ensure that your customer sees value in the subscription. 

You can do your part to reduce churn by investing in flows that are designed to eliminate buyers remorse, deliver product education, and provide awareness over flexibility on their subscription plan. 

Subscription flow example

Here are a few of our favorite subscription based flows.  

Trigger: Starts ReCharge Subscription 

This is a critical moment to welcome your customer to the subscription plan. Don’t miss the opportunity to make them feel special here!

Here is an example flow 👇

Day 0 (customer starts ReCharge subscription) – Send them a unique message that educates them on the benefits and flexibility of their subscription and highlight product education. A good call to action here would be a subscription FAQ page on your website OR direct product onboarding. We’ve seen some awesome examples like videos from founders, crash course guides, and even invitations to call the owner directly. Get creative and stand out. 

Trigger: Upcoming Payment

One of the biggest reasons customers cancel their subscriptions is because they aren’t aware they can modify them or they have no need for an additional order at the moment. Transparency is key here. Not only does it provide help, but it also builds trust in your brand by showing you care about their experience.

Here is an example flow 👇

(2 days before next shipment) – Let the customer know their next shipment is about to go out. If your subscription plan is flexible, offering them the option to adjust here is another great way to add value. 

Another great option is to engage your subscriber with an upsell offer. “Hey Ben, this is Sarah from AutoBrush. Your next toothpaste subscription is set to send on Thursday. Want to add in a set of charcoal flossers to ensure you’re getting a full cleaning?” 

Trigger: Subscription Cancelled

Inevitably, churn will happen on a subscription product. This is a key moment to intervene, collect feedback, and leave the customer with a positive experience. By leveraging Tone replies in the follow-up, you can handle objections and potentially save customers from cancelling. 

Here is an example flow 👇

Day 0 (Immediately after customer cancels) – Send a message asking for feedback on why the customer cancelled their subscription. 

Although we only highlighted a few here, there are numerous ways to leverage triggers within a flow in your customer engagement strategy.

If you have a specific question about how a flow works please reach out to your account manager and they can help walk you through the process.

Not yet a Tone customer? Contact our team to get started with a demo and free 2-week trial.

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