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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you attribute sales?

For abandoned checkout, 90% of attribute sales stem from SMS discount code usage. For the remaining 10%, we utilize conversational attribution.

For campaigns, we attribute solely based on a 7 day attribution window. We have a system in place that cross references Shopify order data with numbers we’ve texted; automatically tagging and attributing these orders.

How do you handle TCPA Compliance?

Consumer consent is an essential defense under the TCPA and should be a primary focus of any business that communicates with consumers and customers directly via telephony. At Tone, we make compliance a core part of our product offering to create the best experience for our merchants and their customers.

Which countries can your app send messages to?

Our team is working to always be expanding our abilities when it comes to the countries we send to. Here are the countries we can currently send messages to:

United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands

How do I add a number to the Do Not Contact list?

You can add numbers to the Do Not Contact list manually from the Campaigns menu. Numbers must be formatted using the E.164 standard. For example, US numbers are formatted as ‘+15551234567’.

How do shoppers opt-in to receive messages?

1) On the shipping info page of Shopify’s checkout, customers have the option to leave their mobile number in the phone field.

2) If you’re using our opt-in button feature, customers are opting ‘ed in for text once they enter their phone number in the pop-up form.

3) If you’re using our live text feature, when a customer texts your live text phone number, they start the conversation by opting in for text.

When are SMS messages sent to abandoned cart shoppers?

Tone analyzes your customer’s location, cart value, discount amount, and past behavior to calculate the optimal time to send your initial SMS message within the first 24 hours after abandonment. We analyze the cart and the time of day to send at a default time of 30 min after the cart is abandoned. We may send that message right away, or we may send that message the next morning if it’s too late at night. This time setting can be altered at your request!

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