Vessi Improves Customer Service with Tone's Two-Way SMS



Abandoned Checkout



in Q4


New Subscribers

in Just 2 Months

When you arrive on the website now, you actually see: “Any questions? Text us.” And that has been a game changer, especially from a customer experience standpoint, and our CS team is delighted with it.

About Vessi

Launched in 2018 as a kickstarter for the world’s first 100% waterproof knit shoes, Vessi has since grown from selling into a niche market to a well known brand with thousands of customers. Based in Vancouver, Canada, their mission is to create products that move you forward, get you out there and let you live YOUR best life. Not just your everyday brand, Vessi is pushing the industry forward on sustainability, community leadership, and social responsibility.

The Challenge

As a result of this multi-year rapid growth, executing on their vision of providing the personalized customer service they were known for was becoming a challenge. Vessi realized they needed to achieve 3 key milestones.

  1. Appeal to the younger customer who is tech and mobile savvy and already engaging with their brand on platforms like tiktok
  2. Engage a service that wasn’t just spamming their customers on yet another channel, but where they could have real conversations and build relationships
  3. Provide a high level of personalized customer service, especially through high volume seasons like Black Friday/Cyber Monday and Christmas

The Solution

With these guideposts in mind and after much research and vetting of multiple SMS vendors, Vessi brought in Tone Messaging to

  • Implement conversational abandoned Checkout Recovery automation to convert high-interest customers with a personal touch
  • Activate LiveText on the homepage to allow customers to text their questions and get answers quickly
  • Compliment and work alongside their existing customer service team as an extension of their brand.

The Results

After implementing Checkout Recovery and then LiveText, Vessi was able to realize

  • Over 40k new subscribers in the first 2 months of having LiveText on their website
  • Over 2k inbound questions answered for customers during December itself, converting over 10% to paying customers
  • Recaptured 28% of customers who abandoned their checkouts
  • 15x ROI in Q4
There is something very specific to Tone, that’s the human component. Leveraging Intelligent replies and knowing my customers are talking to a real person has been incredibly beneficial.


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